GIANT Brochure


Flexible through tons of attachments

When you purchase a TOBROCO-GIANT North America, you don’t just acquire a single machine with a single function. Through our wide range of attachments, you can perform an almost limitless amount of tasks. Just connect the attachment for the job you need and you’re good to go!


Our replaceable attachment options include logging tools, mowers, sweepers, forks, clamps,  and even fully automated feed buckets. Take a look at the full range of available attachments on our attachment page. Or just contact us directly, we’ll be glad to advise you about which attachment best suits your needs.


Different models for different purposes

Whether you are looking for a nimble loader to get into small spaces, or a powerful replacement for your tractor, GIANT has the models to suit your needs. We deploy different core models for different core tasks. Our compact loaders are easy to maneuver and pack quite the punch for their size, while the Tendo Telehandler helps you to reach high up spaces that are hard to manage with traditional tractors and loaders.


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